Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Oh my, oh my... I'm 30 today already ah.. U mean 30 years have passed already meh?? Shit man, I still thought that I was the naughty little boy who was running around (naked).. Haha.. So many things had happened for these past 30 years and indeed there are many which I can still remember clearly and for some, 'did it ever happened before?? Dun bluff me!!'

Haha, whatever it is, I'm going to embrace what is going to happen for my next... er 50 years?? Aiyoh, too long liao la... 30 more is enough, coz I had too many happenings these 30 and I wish the next 30 will be a smooth sailing one.. :P

I should be busy doing some packing these few days onwards and hopefully move to somewhere nice... :P Will update again once I settle down...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meaningful Conversation

Haven't been blogging for a long time but happen to see this article from fb... Therefore, wanted to share this to those who haven't seen this:P

This is an excellent conversation between 'God' and an unknown ' - 'Me'. I don't know as to who has been the composer of such an interesting and captivating conversation ; but has he/she has definitely put in good amount of thought into crafting the same. *

Those who don't believe in God, may also find it worth reading once. Enjoy and Think ! *

God: Hello. Did you call me?
Me: Called you? No.. Who is this?

God: This is GOD. I heard your prayers. So I thought I will chat.
Me: I do pray. Just makes me feel good. I am actually busy now. I am in
the midst of something.

God: What are you busy at? Ants are busy too.
Me: Don't know. But I can't find free time. Life has become hectic. It's rush hour all the time.

God: Sure. Activity gets you busy. But productivity gets you results.Activity consumes time. Productivity frees it.
Me: I understand. But I still can't figure out. By the way, I was notexpecting YOU to buzz me on instant messaging chat.

God: Well I wanted to resolve your fight for time, by giving you some. In this net era, I wanted to reach you through the medium you
are comfortable with.
Me: Tell me, why has life become complicated now?

God: Stop analyzing life. Just live it. Analysis is what makes it complicated.
Me: why are we then constantly unhappy?

God: Your today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. You are worrying because you are analyzing. Worrying has become your habit.
That's why you are not happy.
Me: But how can we not worry when there is so much uncertainty?

God: Uncertainty is inevitable, but worrying is optional.
Me: But then, there is so much pain due to uncertainty.

God: Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.
Me: If suffering is optional, why do good people always suffer?

God: Diamond cannot be polished without friction. Gold cannot be purified without fire. Good people go through trials, but don't suffer. With that
experience their life become better not bitter.
Me: You mean to say such experience is useful?

God: Yes. In every term, Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lessons afterwards.
Me: But still, why should we go through such tests? Why can't we be free from problems?

God: Problems are Purposeful Roadblocks Offering Beneficial Lessons (to) Enhance Mental Strength. Inner strength comes from struggle and
endurance, not when you are free from problems.

Me: Frankly in the midst of so many problems, we don't know where we are heading..

God: If you look outside you will not know where you are heading. Look inside. Looking outside, you dream. Looking inside, you awaken. Eyes
provide sight. Heart provides insight.

Me: Sometimes not succeeding fast seems to hurt more than moving in the right direction. What should I do?

God: Success is a measure as decided by others. Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you. Knowing the road ahead is more satisfying than knowing you road ahead. You work with the compass. Let others work with the clock.
Me: In tough times, how do you stay motivated?

God: Always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. Always count your blessing, not what you are missing.
Me: What surprises you about people?

God: When they suffer they ask, 'why me?' When they prosper, they never ask 'Why me'. Everyone wishes to have truth on their side, but few want to be on the side of the truth.
Me: Sometimes I ask, who am I, why am I here. I can't get the answer.

God: Seek not to find who you are, but to determine who you want to be. Stop looking for a purpose as to why you are here. Create it. Life is not
merely a process of discovery but a process of co-creation. You are my co-creator.
Me: How can I get the best out of life?

God: Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear.
Me: One last question. Sometimes I feel my prayers are not answered.

God: There are no unanswered prayers. At times the answer is NO.
Me: Thank you for this wonderful chat.

God: Well. Keep the faith and drop the fear. Don't believe your doubts and doubt your beliefs. Life is a mystery to solve not a problem to resolve.
Trust me. Life is wonderful if you know how to live. 'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that took our breath away!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Insomia?? Due to??

Had been having sleepless night for abt 2 weeks already... Dunno whether is called Insomia or not?? Anyway, I have also been wondering how come I end up like tat... Can only sleep after 3 or 4 plus for the past few nights, but I haven't had a wink for yesterday.. I din have caffefine, no extreme thoughts, no stress @ work...

Hmm, what could it be?? I had come out with 3 possible causes..

1) Seems like it started on 1st Jan, the day which I had the bicycle accident?? During then, I felt like puking and it seems like I got a shock lorr... Maybe it's due to that..

2) My sinus problem is back again :( Usually when my sinus problem comes back, I have difficulty in breathing, thus can't get to sleep easily... But this time round, abit special leh... When block nose is cleared, still can't get to sleep... Tried soft music, etc etc, also no use...

3) Sub-conciously thinking of something... BUT WHAT??!!!?? Nothing to let me be bothered about leh... But you never know la, sometime the unconcious mind is more powerful den u...

Maybe I should see the doc after today liao la... Can't be putting with this nonsense any more.... I sure collaspe lorr... :(

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A big bang to start off 2008

Suddenly felt like doing some sports on 1st Jan, therefore got 'Psycho' to go either cycling or jogging... He suggested tat we should catch Alien vs Predator 2 after that... Got '2Eggs' to buy the tics, since he did not want to go cycling...

While we were @ ECP, I was very excited since I haven't been cycling for a long time... There was 'mountain people mountain sea' there.. People were all over the places, jogging, cycling, roller blading, tenting, BBQ-ing, etc.. We had to go relatively slow since there were too many people..

While cycling back, I had an accident with another female cyclist.. I tried to avoid the accident from happening, but still it happened... Somehow, it seems like I crashed into her, but it was becoz that she still proceeded across the cycling lane.. :( In the end, she suffer from a cut on her hand while I got hit by her pedals on my shin.. It then swell so big that it was as big as the size of my thumb.. :( I started rubbing on the bruise to prevent the swell from developing...

And all these time, I was thinking... How can this happen, especially it is on the 1st day of the year.... Wat more can I expect for the remaining 365 days?? Let's just hope for the best, all the good things to come, bad things to go... :)

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008!!!

To all lonely souls out there, may you have a happy year ahead... :P

May all your bad luck go, and good luck comes..
May you have good family relationships..
May all your dreams come true..
May you have happiness..
May you have good health..

Esp for YY... :'D

Friday, December 21, 2007

Still working...

NB, it's 3.10am in the morning and I've just finish my work...

Just got activated to check on an accident near my workplace...

Talked to traffic police, took photos, talk here talk there...

Machiam like investigator sia...

Hopefully is my 1st and last time getting this kind of 'exciting' events... :P

I wanna go rest liaozzz.... tired @-@

B'day present 2007

Yeah!! Finally got a birthday present after a long time... :P

This present is hand made de worr.... Nice horr.... :D

Thank you meili

Sunday, October 21, 2007

我爱台妹, 台妹爱我

yeah yeah, my trip is booked...

Anyone wants anything from taiwan?? Let me know, I'll try to get.. :P


Numbers 1-10

1 - 1st time to Taiwan, departing 30 Nov
2 - No of people on flight 3K 521
3 - Good buddies in the group
4 - Meal taken yesterday
5 - Mixes of alchohol taken on friday nite
6 - No of times I parallel parked yesterday (Incredible)
7 - Friends currently online
8 - People who were @ Auntie Oh's place initially
9 - No of places I've been yesterday
10 - The no of days I'm staying in Taiwan

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